Personal D&O insurance

Businessmann mit Aktenkoffer

In addition to D&O insurance for companies, indiviDUAL D&O insurance forms an important part in personal protection for members of the management body. Managing directors, the executive board, the supervisory board and advisory boards make high-risk decisions daily for their companies, associations or other institutions.

With an indiviDUAL D&O policy, managers are protected against the financial consequences of personal liability. This cover involves both internal liability - liability of one's own company - as well as external liability, which relates to third-party claims (third parties include, for example, insolvency administrators, financial authorities or social insurance carriers). In the event of a claim, the (individual) insured sum is available to the executive bodies for personal protection.

Benefits of indiviDUAL D&O insurance

  • The policyholder avoids the risk of being uninsured against damages in the event that the insured sum has been exhausted by other insured parties.
  • The policyholder is always in control of their tailor-made insurance coverage.
  • The policyholder always has access to their contract and is aware of the current contractual conditions.
  • In the event of a claim, the policyholder can rely on the support and coverage offered by the insurer they have chosen.
  • The policyholder, as a member of the management or supervisory board, no longer needs separate D&O excess insurance.