Combined D&O and professional liability insurance

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Combined D&O and Professional Indemnity Insurance

Company needs for comprehensive protection against management mistakes and criminal proceedings are increasing. We can also meet these needs: with combined D&O and legal protection insurance.

While D&O insures against the personal liability of board members and managing directors, therefore protecting the company's balance sheet, legal protection covers the high costs which can be incurred against the company and its employees in the event of criminal or regulatory proceedings.

Significant advantages through combined insurance

Whilst D&O and Professional indemnity insurance could previously only be purchased separately, our product combines both types of cover. The advantages of combined insurance cannot be disputed, as in many cases both areas are affected:

  • Elimination of possible gaps in coverage
  • Harmonisation of claims adjustment
  • Significant price advantage

Extensive and good value coverage

Claims against managers for a company's financial losses are commonplace nowadays. This is why D&O insurance has become the standard in mid-sized companies and large-scale industry.

Protection against legal risks is also becoming increasingly important for businesses: anyone who carries responsibility in the company can be prosecuted. Even simple speculation of criminal activity, often triggered by third-party reports, obligate public prosecutors and tax investigators to take action.

For this we can offer you extensive and good value coverage.