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Collaboration with the ivwKöln.

The Institute for Insurance Studies (abbreviated: ivwKöln) is the largest university institute in Germany specifically focused on the insurance industry. The institute has good contacts in practice, has excellent research competencies, and provides students with the necessary knowledge to succeed in today's working life.The DUAL Germany is a member of the Förderverein des Instituts. The Förderverein includes around 170 companies from the insurance industry and other sectors.

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Here is the link to the website of the Institute of Insurance Sciences at TH Köln.

Volunteering at DGVH

The DUAL Germany is a supporting member of the German Society for Financial Loss Liability Insurance, abbreviated as DGVH.. The DGVH is a nonprofit organization for the promotion of interests and further education in the field of professional liability insurance. In the context of a wide range of educational offerings, there are some DUAL volunteers available as instructors and panel participants. In addition, our managing director, Annett Marschollek, is active as a board member.


Here is the link to the website of the DGVH.